Superbly trained GWP 2yr old male


The litter was born on 16-7-2014

This excellent line is a combination of German, Serbian, Hungarian and Slovakian hard working HPRs

This male is a very nice looking dog and has a superb head and coat, he is a very clever dog with a strong drive a superb temperament and a willingness to please ,he is a fast hunting dog that is rock solid on point , loves to work in water and his retrieving is faultless, retieving anything asked of him , he has passed his autumnal test for pointers with a first class pass at the age of thirteen months old , he is very steady on fur or feather and sharp on vermin  

Being 2yrs old in July he has continued to progress very well in his training , his retrieving is perfect and he has a fine mouth , having also been trained for forest and blood tracking work he has a superb nose and will announce his find 

In August he passed the Slovakian Utility Test of field , forest , and water with a first class pass , and more recently passed the International Memorial Bohuslav Zemko , which is also a Utility Test

He has also achieved a CAC in the show ring with a note of excellent

As you can see from his pedigree he has superb blood lines coming from a long line of working champions

Handled properly this dog could be a serious contender on the trial field or a superb shooting companion