Teckle bitch pup ( European import )

Gama an 8 mth old Teckle bitch pup from my kennel in Slovakia Gama is a superb bitch that has been purchased for her size, at a guess she will only make around 6.5 kg when adult which makes for an ideal breeding bitch for earth work, she has a full scissor bite a really nice temperament,a huge heart and showing great promise ( she is very sharp )

Gama is from excellent working lines, the parents are very experienced working dogs that work on fox and wild boar, the father also has blood tracking experience on deer. 


here the details of the parents of that litter:
Father is Monty Viva Moravia. Actually one of the most used stud dogs over here.
He has won bloodtracking test on deers, he did I. prize and has announced a deer with barking. Fox test he has done international, in first round he chased the fox out. Then he was been tested in wild boar test (two days allround test) in I. prize with Reserve CACT title (national working champion) and also another test- international Memorial of Frantisek Siget (also wild boar test two days)- he passed in I. prize and took place nr. 3. and took also CACT title.
He was been judged as excellent on the several teckel shows. His pedigree is full with great dogs, his father is from Revestreken´s line (Norway) and mother Orka z Hermanova domu (Czech line) is also very successfull hard working dog.

Mother of those pupps is Brita II. od Olcaka.( photo and pedigree attached)
Her pedigree is lined on 3 Interchampions. She is excellent looking dog, was been tested in several tests with all results in I. prize. (youngster test, bloodtracking on deers, fox test- she chased the fox out).

 Most important is that they allready are attacking a fox in the cage, they are very loud and are trying to get the fox out from the cage...