(This is a report from my kennel in Slovakia )

Here the details about planned litters in the kennel " z Miroslavskeho dvora".

So there are two females which should be mated sometimes at the end of the year.
First one ist Porta WK-SB. Porta is strong bitch, very fast in the field with excellent head position and very strong points. Also a mega portion of water passion. She passed  two tests in I. prize with full points number. Her father is Pluto z Knollovy skoly. Pluto is amazing hunter with great style, fast and hard working dog. Tons of water passion too. Pluto´s father is Moris Franzini- a male which is pure italian line and has had great influence for whole Czech   pointer breeding. This male has won the Czech championship for versatile pointers. In PlutoĊ› fourth generation is another great name in Czech pointer breeding- Hak z Cechu- brown white male with amazing lot of tests and trials done in I. prize wit lot of wins. Mother of Porta is Ralla Franzini, comming from the same italian kennel but different line. She produced few litters with lot of champions and stud dogs.
Another bitch is younger one- Ajda od Hlubokeho uvozu. This is also a daughter of Pluto z Knollovy skoly- same first bitch. At the other side there are also few italian pointers combined with versatile czech lines. Ajda is very simmilar hunter as her halfsister and father is- very strong working pointer with tons of drive, excellent style in the field and also water passion. She passed her first test in I. prize last month with 296 out of max. 300 points.

Porta should be mated to Bert Bohemia Frony. This is a young male born in 2014. His pedigree is full of great names. His father is comming out from the line of excellent international field trialers (also grande querche). Bert is excellent looking male with great style in the field. He passed his first test this autumn with 300 out of max. 300 points. His grand grand father on the mothers side is Franzini Moris, so this will be inbreeding 4:3 on this great stud dog what should bring great results...In forth generation in her mothers pedigree is another great name of pointer breeding over here- Talmberk Dart. (Talmberk was a field trial kennel of Profesor Martinek- great name in the Czech pointer history).

Ajda should be mated to Oliver z Lukovenskych koutu. Oliver is also young excellent looking male with perfect searching, nose and head position. His father is lined on Talmberk lines (Profesor Martinek). Grandfather on the mothers side is again Moris Franzini. Down in the pedigree are the dogs from the kennel "Z Cechu" - another great name in the pointer breed over here.

All the dogs in those pedigrees were been healthy dogs, tested in various types of tests or trials. The pedigrees are the result of sofistic breeding combinations between pure field trial lines with best hunting lines which are more "harder" pointers (but still excellent pointers with tonns of hunting passion). "Harder" I mean dogs with excellent characters and nervous system (so not those thinny silky field trial dogs as they often are...)..

We have negotiated pick of the litters for our client, which will take place February 2016  we can also arrange travel to see the parents working


The mating is between -  Porta - Oliver

                                     -  Ajda - Bert

Should you need any further information please contact us