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Available - May 


Bella Bella a very experienced bitch with good test results 

 Bella has : 2xR.CAC 6xCAC 1xCACIB 2xBOB 2xBOG   Hunting test results: Derby 1. Prize class (max points) -  Solms 1. Prize class (max points , award for best female on Solms) - Bella has also completed one of the most demanding hunting tests with a first prize pass,  Internationale Kurzhaar Prufung ( IKP 1. First Prize class ) -  Adult Serbian champion

Bella also has a good amount of hunting experience



Tim, a superb German stud with a good amount of experience and good test results

Amazingly Tim gained 6th in the IKP from 206 competing dogs

He also has a good amount of hunting experience 

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